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Japanese Patent JP6597824
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[Problem] An object of the present invention is to provide an electric power steering apparatus of a vector control system that compensates a dead time of an inverter without tuning operation, improves a distortion of a current waveform and a responsibility of a current control, and suppresses a steering sound, a vibration and a ripple. [Means for solving the problem] The present invention is the electric power steering apparatus of a vector control system that converts dq-axes current command values calculated based on at least a steering torque into 3-phase voltage command values, converts the 3-phase voltage command values into duty command values, driving-controls a 3-phase brushless motor by an inverter of a PWM control, and applies an assist torque to a steering system of a vehicle, wherein 3-phase detection voltages are estimated based on 3-phase motor terminal voltages, wherein loss voltages due to a dead time of the inverter are estimated from differences between 3-phase command voltages calculated from the duty command values and the 3-phase detection voltages, and wherein a dead time compensation of the inverter is performed by feeding-back dead time compensation values obtained by compensating the loss voltages to the 3-phase voltage command values.

Hiroaki Takase
Ryo Minaki
Hideki Sawada
Takayoshi Sugawara
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October 30, 2019
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April 04, 2018
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Nippon Seiko Co., Ltd.
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H02P21/05; B62D5/04; H02P6/15; H02P21/22
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Azusa Yuzo