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Japanese Patent JP6737687
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a molecular model of crosslinked rubber which is created in a predetermined procedure, in which occurrence of anisotropy of dynamic properties is suppressed.SOLUTION: The method includes: a step of generating crosslinking agent particles at predetermined coordinates; a step of generating polymer particles between a predetermined pair of the crosslinking agent particles generated previously; a step of generating a predetermined chemical bond between the crosslinking agent particle and polymer particle, and polymer particles located in a predetermined bonding distance region from each of the above particles; and a step of creating a molecular model by performing balancing in a structure model obtained in the step of generating the chemical bond, at a predetermined pressure and temperature. Further, the step of generating the crosslinking agent particles includes a step of arranging the crosslinking agent particles in an equally distributed manner spatially over the orthogonal three-axis directions.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 2

Osamu Hino
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August 12, 2020
Filing Date:
October 25, 2016
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toyo tire Co., Ltd.
International Classes:
G16C60/00; G01N33/44; G16Z99/00
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日野 理,分子動力学によるゴムの引張特性計算,日本ゴム協会誌,2016年 8月19日,Vol.89 No.6,pp.170-175
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Samejima Mutsumi
Takuji Yamada
Hironobu Kashihara