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Japanese Patent JP6801546
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a restriction rolling device capable of enhancing productivity of a metal pipe usable as underground water removal work use.SOLUTION: A restriction rolling device by the present invention comprises one or a plurality of finishing stands arranged along a rolling shaft. The finishing stands include (n) pieces (n is a natural number of 2 or more) of rolls arranged around the rolling shaft. The (n) pieces of rolls are arranged by dislocating by 180°/n around the rolling shaft from the (n) pieces of rolls included in the finishing stand of a front stage. The respective (n) pieces of rolls of the finishing stands comprise a caliber part. The caliber part includes a bottom part and a flange part. The bottom part is arranged in the center of the caliber part, and comprises a bow-shaped recessed part. The flange part includes a crest corresponding to the edge of the caliber part and having a maximum diameter of the rolls. Among a cross-sectional shape of the caliber part of the respective rolls of the rearmost finishing stand, a part between the center of the bottom part and the crest includes an area where a distance between the rolling shaft and itself is shorter than a first distance between the bottom part center and the rolling shaft.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 8

Goki Shimomoto
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December 16, 2020
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March 23, 2017
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Nippon Steel Corporation
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B21B17/14; B21B27/02; E02D17/20
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Ascend Patent Business Corporation