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Japanese Patent JPH10513196
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PCT No. PCT/SI96/00003 Sec. 371 Date Jul. 28, 1997 Sec. 102(e) Date Jul. 28, 1997 PCT Filed Feb. 6, 1996 PCT Pub. No. WO96/24615 PCT Pub. Date Aug. 15, 1996The present invention discloses a new process for the purification of vancomycin hydrochloride by combining preparative chromatography on a silica gel column and the precipitation with ethanol from a salt-water-ethanolic solution without intermediary filtering, whereby the chromatographic purity of the product is improved. The chromatography is carried out on a column containing a silica gel stationary phase and an alkaline water-methanolic mobile phase at defined pH, mobile phase flow and temperature as well as the amount and concentration of vancomycin hydrochloride. The process is distinguished by the yield and chromatographic purity of the obtained product of about 93% area. Vancomycin hydrochloride purified according to the present invention is useful for peroral as well as parenteral administration since the portion of impurities it contains is for one third smaller than in hitherto available product.

Peraum, Suratco
Tsurukari, Robeato
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Publication Date:
December 15, 1998
Filing Date:
February 06, 1996
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Letsk Tovarna Fuarma Cebu Tosky in Chemiknie Ijerkov Day. Day.
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C07K9/00; C07K1/14; (IPC1-7): C07K9/00; C07K1/14
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Shigeru Yagita (2 outside)