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Japanese Patent JPS5528325
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A coupling for a mill roll and the like comprises a connector having a coupling bore therein, with the bore having a first surface shaped for close fitting engagement with a neck portion of the roll adjacent one extremity of the coupling engagement therebetween and a second surface shaped for close fitting engagement with the roll neck adjacent the opposite extremity of such engagement and a third surface disposed generally between the first and said second surfaces shaped for an increasingly close fit with the roll neck as the roll neck is increasingly inserted into the connector.

Application Number:
Publication Date:
July 07, 1980
Filing Date:
February 17, 1978
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International Classes:
B21B35/14; F16D1/06; F16D1/10; F16D3/16; F16D3/18; (IPC1-7): B21B35/14; F16D1/06; F16D3/18