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Japanese Patent JP2690005
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PURPOSE: To lower pressure loss and noise in a discharge passage remarkably by smoothening the flow of air blown off in the diameter outer direction from a centrifugal fan.
CONSTITUTION: An opposed part 13 opposed to the lower end of a centrifugal fan 2, and an inclined plate part 14 spiral onto the outer peripheral wall 10 side are connected to a lower plate 9 opposed to an upper plate 8 provided with the air intake 7 of a scroll casing 4 with a spiral discharge passage 3 formed surrounding the centrifugal fan 2, and the opposed part 13 and the inclined plate part 14 are further connected to each other to form an inclined connection part 15 inclined by specified inclination θ to the axial direction of the centrifugal fan 2. The inclination θ of the inclined connection part 15 is set according to the blow-off angle of air blown off in the diameter outer direction from the centrifugal fan 2 so that flow in the discharge passage 3 is smoothened to be delivered to the discharge opening 11 of the discharge passage 3.

Takahiro Tokunaga
Uemura Yukio
Hideo Asano
Taiji Kondo
Cedar light
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Publication Date:
December 10, 1997
Filing Date:
November 02, 1992
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F04D29/44; F04D29/66; (IPC1-7): F04D29/44; F04D29/66
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Kenji Ishiguro