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Japanese Patent JP3263981
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PURPOSE: To improve the life of a resin hose and prevent the connected part thereof from being deteriorated by inner part fluid by blow-molding a hose main body so that it consists of a thermoplastic resin material being rigid at least in its end part and preventing the occurrence and progress of cracks in the connected part at the time when a resin hose made up of a flexible injection-molded connecting part is connected to the opponent pipe.
CONSTITUTION: While a resin hose 10 is constituted such that a connecting part 14 to be connected with an opponent side pipe body 24 consisting of flexible injection-molded thermoplastic resin is connected integrally to a blow-molded hose main body 12 consisting of thermoplastic resin being rigid at least in its end part, the opponent side pipe body 24 is allowed to be fitted into the inner part of the resin hose 10 until the insertion side end part thereof passes through the connected part 14 and reaches the end part of the hose main body 12 whereupon in keeping the state the resin hose 10 and the opponent side pipe body 24 are secured by clamp.

Minoru Kawasaki
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March 11, 2002
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June 29, 1992
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Tokai Rubber Industry Co., Ltd.
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B29C45/14; B29C49/06; B29C49/48; B29C57/00; B29C65/00; B29D23/00; F16L11/04; F16L47/06; B29L23/00; (IPC1-7): B29C65/00; F16L11/04; F16L47/06
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Kazuo Yoshida