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Japanese Patent JP3882000
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a frame arrestor capable of detecting and displaying the clogging of a flame extinguishing element in an extremely safe form using increase in differential pressure.
SOLUTION: The flame arrestor 1 to be set in a combustible gas passage comprises an upstream bypass pipe 9 derived from the passage on the upstream side from a flame extinguishing part 5 in the flame arrestor 1, a downstream bypass pipe 10 derived from the passage on the downstream side from the flame extinguishing part 5, and a clogging detecting indicator 11 arranged between the upstream bypass pipe 9 and the downstream bypass pipe 10. The indicator 11 includes a detection part performing mechanical detection when the differential pressure between the gas pressure of the upstream bypass pipe 9 and the gas pressure of the downstream bypass pipe 10 reaches a predetermined value or more; and a display part performing, based on the operation of the detection part, display through a magnetic means.

相原 昌弘
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February 14, 2007
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July 08, 2005
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F23D14/82; A62C2/04
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瀧野 秀雄
越智 浩史
松村 貞男
垣内 勇