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Japanese Patent JPH02305630
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PURPOSE: To simplify a manufacturing process and to extend the life of a stamper by a method wherein one surface of a substrate formed into a disc shape from a metal plate is polished into a mirror surface state and an etchable metal film is formed to be coated with a resist and this resist is exposed to form an exposure mark and, after development and etching, the resist not removed by development is removed.

CONSTITUTION: On surface of a substrate 1 formed into a disc from an etching- resistant high hardness metal plate is precisely polished into a mirror surface state and an easily etchable metal film 2 is formed to the polished surface in a thickness equal to the group depth to be possessed by a disc. Next, a resist 3 is applied to the metal film 2 to be subjected to soft-baking and subsequently irradiated with laser beam to perform cutting exposure to form exposure marks becoming the base of pits 4... or groups and, after the resist 3 is developed, hard-baking is performed. Next, the surface exposed by development of the metal film 2 is etched and the resist 3 not removed by development is removed by a solvent to form a stamper.

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Publication Date:
December 19, 1990
Filing Date:
May 19, 1989
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International Classes:
B29C33/38; B29D17/00; G11B7/26; (IPC1-7): B29C33/38; B29D17/00; G11B7/26
Attorney, Agent or Firm:
Kenzo Hara