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Japanese Patent JP2668300
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PURPOSE: To provide a two-piece fitted cup-shape container made of thermo- contractive and thermo-plastic materials.
CONSTITUTION: A two-piece fitted cup-shaped container C comprises a continuous sidewall B having an open upper end and including a recessed bottom. The sidewall B is made of a thermo-contractive and thermo-plastic single sheet having similar both ends. Both ends of the sheet are joined with each other along a liquid-tight seam. The sidewall B extends downward from a point neighboring the upper opening of the container C to a point neighboring the bottom, and then is folded upward at a lower edge 11 of the sidewall to form a doubled wall portion 10, 12, and then extends inward. Thus, the sidewall B forms the doubled wall portion 10, 12 and the annular portion 13, which radially extends inward and underlies a separate bottom member 14 sealingly joined to the radially extending portion from the bottom edge of the sidewall.

The Aims A Hill
Jiyoung E Birch
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October 27, 1997
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October 08, 1991
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Owens-Illinois Labels Incorporated
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B29C51/26; B29D22/00; B29C57/00; B29C61/02; B29C65/18; B65D1/26; B65D3/06; B65D8/04; B65D8/18; B65D21/02; (IPC1-7): B65D8/18
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Kawahara Kazuho