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Japanese Patent JP3697305
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To change over flow rate control smoothly when it is switched over.
SOLUTION: An addition means 61 outputs a deviated portion between a target speed setting signal 51a and a water supply command signal 29a as an output signal 61a while a memory 63 inputs the output signal 61a and holds and outputs the output signal 61a when flow rate control is transferred. A change rate limitation means 66 outputs a control signal which is transferred from a zero signal to the output signal 61a when the flow rate is under control. An addition means 67 adds the aforesaid output signal 61a thus held to a control signal and outputs an output signal 67a which is transferred gradually from the output signal 61a to zero while an addition means 68a adds the output signal 67a with the water supply speed command signal 29a, thereby outputting an addition signal 68a. A switch over means 56 outputs the target speed setting signal 51a as a target speed signal 56a and changes over the addition signal 68a so that it may be output as a target speed signal under flow rate control.

Hitoshi Nakamura
Kunihiko Kihara
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Publication Date:
September 21, 2005
Filing Date:
December 05, 1995
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Toshiba Corporation
Toshiba System Technology Co., Ltd.
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F22D5/32; (IPC1-7): F22D5/32
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Kiuchi Mitsuharu