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Japanese Patent JP3759325
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a welding torch capable of absorbing an impact which a welding wire receives and preventing buckling when the welding wire is bumped against a stock to be welded.
SOLUTION: A shaft 43 is arranged successively in a motor driving mechanism via a clutch mechanism 60 so that the right end side of the shaft 43 is extended to a guide housing side to fixedly support an inner roller 17 and the left end side of the same is extended to the innermost side of a cover 127. The clutch mechanism 60 is provided with a clutch gear 47 and a clutch disk 48. The clutch gear 47 is provided with a clutch sleeve 64, a spring 65 which is elastically provided in the inside of the clutch sleeve 64, and a projected body 66 which is attached to the tip end of the spring 65. The clutch disk 48 is formed into a flanged sleeve shape, and a cone shaped body 66 of each clutch unit 63 is formed in a disk part 48b.

Yuichi Manki
Mibu raw man
Kenichi Maeda
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Publication Date:
March 22, 2006
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October 20, 1998
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Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.
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B23K9/028; B23K9/12; B23K9/133; (IPC1-7): B23K9/12; B23K9/028; B23K9/133
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Atsushi Watanabe