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WIPO Patent Application WO/2013/131527
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Publication Date:
September 12, 2013
Filing Date:
March 18, 2012
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F03G3/00; F03G7/10
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2 - Retain the material and moral rights to the owner or agent to discuss the

3 - Dissemination of the idea of research and its application through the big companies know the owner or the agent research

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An Alternative Energy Device Works



An alternative energy device works gravity to be converted into kinetic energy into electrical energy

Specifications of the device:

Is a mechanical machine electronic reflects the gravity and trans forms them into kinetic energy used in the operation of vehicles of all kinds, or in the operation of turbines, electric and this theory is used in buildings - Agriculture - Medicine - reflect Einstein's theory that energy does not cease to exist or develop from scratch, the renewable energy is a for energy derived from gravity and where the law of gravity is limited to Newton's law the energy perish and develop, and this machine is reflected Einstein's theory because they are converting gravitational into kinetic energy, it eliminates the use of petroleum products for good as they make a move and measure horse power without the use of energy oi l or solar power or energy to pay water or wind power.

Back Ground Art

Theory upon which the device is a theory of lack of gravity which is a conversion of gravity to the lack and the theory is based on fission to spin globe When falling objects in a central point to prove on the ground, but break apart in the other angles in the case of the earth's rotation continued throughout the day, the scale of the cluster and the angle of ' fission, they reflected on the spin totally veiled gravity and weightlessness endureth in place at an altitude of as fusion, therefore, the movement of the device engineering is based on the system weight weight and the angle of slope bred repulsion magnetic through photovoltaic cells and the Ptnavr weights on the other hand proves metal weights different whereupon rotate to generate movement used in power generation and reversal of rotation to move the group installed on the board gears generate Alhors power to the power used in the number of windings are used to move the car, for example, from 3000 roll to 6000 RPM size choir power user and less speed range between 5000 roll to 25 thousand RPM used in the operation of the vehicle without a biofuel or petroleum or you run the giant electrical turbines by the size of the device used Disclosure of invention

This Invention is an engine disharmony magnetic attraction weights and photovoltaic cells by which the separation by the Department of the electromagnet and operating weights vibrations that turn through the rise to the top and then gravitate to the bottom through the magnet and repulsion Vttold from that movement, which are used in rotation and is the movement turns speed n by increasing the voltage DC 12 volts to 48 volts on the circles of magnetic ascertained on Krtat auction is this engine as the only world that's working on any kind of fuel oil and therefore in the case of application of the proper form and concept engineering reduces the use of oil by 75 percent, for example, based on studies and reports submitted by some scientists of chemistry and physics, atomic energy, who are unanimously agreed that this device in the event developed into larger sizes are used in power stations giant, it eliminates the use of nuclear power plants in terms of safety and low cost and eliminates the pollution visual and auditory and health as it dose not for him any sounds or exhaust or emission of thermal.

Brief Description of Drawing

1 - outside the body

2 - the electric magnetic field

3 - circles disharmony

4 - photovoltaic cells

5 - Alkrtat electronic

6 - complex motor

1 - outside the body: It is a cover surrounding the engine of aluminum metal to non-attracting magnet

2 - the magnetic field: It is a repulsion areas and weights are installed on the holder of Karnak

3 - repulsion circles: that the disharmony to keep the pieces of iron from each Badz

4 - photovoltaic cells: that you disconnect the power cord of the magnetic field

5 - Alkrtat E: They regulate the movement and measure speed and connectivity of areas related to the electric magnetic field

6 - complex motor: It is a Algerbox gearbox and speed controller in the insulation and install the gears of the required engine torque