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Japanese Patent JP4809633
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Heating glass panels (4) in a heating oven (1), where the glass is supported on top of rolls (3), involves heating the glass panel from above and below with convection air or with a combination of convection air and radiation heat. The convection air is heated by electric resistances (7, 8) and/or combustible gas. Heating of convection air is effected by using a heat accumulator (9, 10). An independent claim is also included for apparatus for heating glass panels in a heating oven, comprising: (A) rolls for supporting a glass panel; (B) convection blast mechanism or combination of the convection blast mechanism and thermal radiators capable of heating the glass panel; and (C) electric resistances or gas burner for heating convection air, where the heating oven includes a heat accumulator capable of heating convection air.

ペソネン タルモ
クルヴィネン ヤリ
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November 09, 2011
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June 06, 2005
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タムグラス リミテッド オイ
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C03B29/08; F27B9/06; F27B9/10; F27B9/24; F27B9/30; F27B9/36; F27D7/02; F27D7/06; F27D11/02
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森田 順之