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Japanese Patent JP6790973
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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To efficiently and stably manufacture an H-shaped steel product with a wider flange compared with a conventional one; and to suppress dimensional variation of a rolled material in a longitudinal direction thereof during rough rolling.SOLUTION: Five or more calibers to roll and shape a rolled material are craved on a rolling mill performing a rough rolling step. In a first caliber and a second caliber among the plurality of the calibers are formed projection parts to have division parts formed at an end of the rolled material by making a wedge vertical to a width direction of the rolled material. In third and further calibers other than the final caliber are formed projection parts which abut on wedges and sequentially bend the formed division parts. The final caliber is a flat shaped caliber, and binding shaping performed in the third and further calibers other than the final caliber is performed by shaping a plurality of paths. In the binding shaping by the plurality of the paths, a caliber roll clearance with respect to a predetermined section at a biting end of the rolled material with some or all of the paths is expanded compared with a caliber roll clearance with respect to a stationary part of the rolled material.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 10

Hiroshi Yamashita
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November 25, 2020
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April 06, 2017
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Nippon Steel Corporation
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B21B1/08; B21B27/02
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Koji Hagiwara
Tetsuo Kanamoto