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Japanese Patent JP6905394
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To provide a hemming structure which enables application of satisfactory finishing treatment by suppressing lowering in adhesion of a finishing treatment film such as a coating film, an enamel film and a plating film even when the hemming structure is formed at an edge of a metal panel and then finishing treatment such as coating treatment, enameling and plating treatment is performed.SOLUTION: A hemming structure is formed by bending a flange portion 3, which is continued to an edge of a body part 2 of a metal panel 1, via a folding line 4. In a state where the hemming structure is formed, an opposite surface 3a of the flange portion 3 to a main surface 2a of the body part 2 is provided with grooves 10 that are formed along a direction crossing the folding line 4. Further, in the case where the metal panel 1 is cut in a direction orthogonal to an extending direction of the grooves 10, a cross sectional shape of the groove 10 is a channel shape, a V shape or a U shape.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 4

Yasushi Nakagawa
Junichi Kitao
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July 21, 2021
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June 15, 2017
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Herman Co., Ltd.
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Hitoshi Nishizawa
Takahiro Nosue

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