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Japanese Patent JPS6345240
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A method for processing table and bed linen which embodies no-iron fabrics which may be composed in at least a substantial part of polyester fiber, or may be composed of other fibers which have been treated to provide no-iron characteristics (linen being used in a generic sense rather than to identify the fiber composition). The process includes the sequential steps of laundering the linen, preferably in substantially conventional manner, and then folding the laundered linen in a dry state to provide a stack of multiple layers of the laundered textile fabric, all of the layers being of approximately equal area. The multiple layers of fabric are then finished by compressing the multiple layers in folded state in the presence of heat and moisture, causing steam to flow through the stack of multiple layers, first in one direction and then in the opposite direction. The flow of steam through the stack of layers is assisted by injecting the steam against the layer at one end of the stack and applying vacuum to the layer at the opposite end of the stack so that the vacuum assists the flow of steam through the entire stack. Following this operation, the steam and vacuum are reversed, causing the steam to flow in the other direction.

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Publication Date:
September 08, 1988
Filing Date:
January 08, 1980
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International Classes:
D06F71/00; D06F71/34