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Patent Searching and Data

Regulating and Controlling

Automatic controllers
Adaptive control systems
Systems controlled by a computer
Systems involving the use of models or simulators of said systems
Programme-control systems
Systems involving sampling of the variable controlled
Testing or monitoring of control systems or parts thereof
Anti-hunting arrangements
Safety arrangements
Control of position, course, altitude, or attitude of land, water, air, or space vehicles, e.g. automatic pilot
Ratio control
Control of fluid pressure
Control of mechanical oscillations, e.g. of amplitude, of frequency, of phase
Control of chemical or physico-chemical variables, e.g. pH-value
Control of temperature
Control of position or direction
Control of flow
Level control, e.g. controlling quantity of material stored in vessel
Systems for regulating electric or magnetic variables
Control devices or systems insofar as characterised by mechanical features only


Digital computers in which all the computation is effected mechanically
Digital fluid-pressure computing devices
Optical computing devices
Details not covered by groups G06F 3/00-G06F 13/00 and G06F 21/00
Digital computing or data processing equipment or methods, specially adapted for specific functions
Methods or arrangements for data conversion without changing the order or content of the data handled
Methods or arrangements for processing data by operating upon the order or content of the data handled
Arrangements for programme control, e.g. control unit
Analogue computers
Hybrid computing arrangements
Methods or arrangements for marking the record carrier in digital fashion
Methods or arrangements for graph-reading or for converting the pattern of mechanical parameters, e.g. force or presence, into electrical signals
Conveying record carriers from one station to another, e.g. from stack to punching mechanism
Arrangements for producing a permanent visual presentation of the output data
Methods or arrangements for effecting co-operative working between equipments covered by two or more of main groups G06K 1/00-G06K 15/00, e.g. automatic card files incorporating conveying and reading operations
Methods or arrangements for verifying the correctness of markings on a record carrier
Methods or arrangements for sensing record carriers
Administration, e.g. office automation or reservations
Systems or methods specially adapted for a specific business sector, e.g. health care, utilities, tourism or legal services
Systems or methods specially adapted for administrative, commercial, financial, managerial, supervisory or forecasting purposes, not involving significant data processing
Subject matter not provided for in other groups of this subclass
General purpose image data processing
Animation effects in two dimensional
Three dimensional
Geometric image transformation in the plane of the image, e.g. from bit-mapped to bit-mapped creating a different image
Image enhancement or restoration, e.g. from bit-mapped to bit-mapped creating a similar image


Ticket-issuing apparatus; Fare-registering apparatus; Franking apparatus
Registering, indicating, or recording the time of events or elapsed time, e.g. time-recorders for work people
Arrangements, systems, or apparatus for checking, e.g. the occurrence of a condition, not provided for elsewhere
Voting apparatus
Generating random numbers
Registering or indicating the condition or the working of machines or other apparatus, other than vehicles
Registering or indicating the working of vehicles
Individual entry or exit registers
Coin deliverers
Devices accepting coins or paper currencies, e.g. depositing machines
Apparatus separating a mixed bulk of currency into its denominations
Testing specially adapted to determine the identity or genuineness of coins, e.g. for segregating coins which are unacceptable or alien to a currency
Testing paper currency, securities, bonds, or similar valuable papers for genuineness
Devices for facilitating the handling of coins, not provided for in groups G07D 1/00-G07D 5/00, G07D 11/00 or G07D 13/00
Coin inlet arrangements
Coin-freed apparatus for dispensing, or the like, discrete articles
Coin-freed apparatus for controlling dispensing of fluids, semiliquids or granular material from reservoirs
Coin-freed apparatus with meter-controlled dispensing of liquid, gas, or electricity
Coin-freed apparatus for hiring articles
Complete banking systems
Coin-actuated mechanisms
Mechanisms actuated by objects other than coins to free or to actuate vending, hiring, coin or paper currency dispensing or refunding apparatus
Details other than those peculiar to special kinds or types of apparatus
Registering the receipt of cash, valuables, or tokens


Systems for signalling characterised solely by the form of transmission of the signal
Burglar, theft, or intruder alarms
Identifying, scaring, or incapacitating burglars, thieves, or intruders, e.g. by explosives
Fire alarms
Alarms responsive to two or more different undesired or abnormal conditions, e.g. burglary and fire, abnormal temperature and abnormal rate of flow
Alarms responsive to a single specified undesired or abnormal condition and not otherwise provided for
Alarms responsive to unspecified undesired or abnormal conditions
Alarm systems in which the location of the alarm condition is signalled to a central station, e.g. fire or police telegraphic systems
Alarm systems in which substations are interrogated in succession by a central station
Alarm systems in which the alarm condition is signalled from a central station to a plurality of substations
Checking or monitoring of signalling or alarm systems
Audible signalling systems
Visible signalling systems, e.g. personal calling systems, remote indication of seats occupied
Tactile signalling systems, e.g. personal calling systems
Signalling systems according to more than one of groups G08B 3/00-G08B 6/00
Traffic control systems for road vehicles
Traffic control systems for aircraft