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Transporting of People


Wheels of a spoked nature
Wheels not otherwise provided for or having characteristics specified in one of the subgroups of this group
Disc wheels
Castors in general
Axle units
Increasing wheel adhesion
Wheel cover discs, rings, or the like, for ornamenting, protecting, or obscuring, wholly or in part, the wheel body, rim, hub, or tyre sidewall
Wheels of high resiliency
Tyres characterised by the chemical composition or the physical arrangement or mixture of the composition
Tyre tread bands
Tyre sidewalls
Tyre beads, e.g. ply turn-up or overlap
Tyres characterised by means enabling restricted operation in damaged or deflated condition
Tyre parts or constructions not otherwise provided for
Devices for measuring, signalling, controlling, or distributing tyre pressure or temperature, specially adapted for mounting on vehicles
Apparatus or tools adapted for mounting, removing or inspecting tyres
Non-skid devices temporarily attachable to resilient tyres or resiliently-tyred wheels
Arrangements of tyre-inflating valves to tyres or rims
Tyres characterised by transverse section
Inflatable pneumatic tyres or inner tubes
Non-inflatable or solid tyres
Reinforcements or ply arrangement of pneumatic tyres
Vehicle connections
Vehicles for use both on rail and on road; Amphibious or like vehicles; Convertible vehicles
Resilient suspensions characterised by arrangement, location, or kind of springs
Resilient suspensions characterised by arrangement, location, or type of vibration-dampers
Resilient suspensions characterised by arrangement, location, or type of combined spring and vibration- damper, e.g. telescopic type
Resilient suspensions having means for adjusting the spring or vibration-damper characteristics, for regulating the distance between a supporting surface and a sprung part of vehicle or for locking suspension during use to meet varying vehicular or surface conditions, e.g. due to speed or load
Interconnection systems for two or more resiliently-suspended wheels, e.g. for stabilising a vehicle body with respect to acceleration, deceleration or centrifugal forces
Resilient suspensions for a single wheel
Resilient suspensions for a set of tandem wheels or axles having interrelated movements
Pivoted suspension arms
Resilient suspensions for a rigid axle or axle housing for two or more wheels
Heating, cooling or ventilating devices
Other air-treating devices
Sealing arrangements
Removable external protective coverings specially adapted for vehicles or parts of vehicles, e.g. parking covers
Antiglare equipment associated with windows or windscreens
Non-fixed roofs
Arrangement or mounting of electrical propulsion units
Arrangement in connection with cooling of propulsion units
Arrangement in connection with combustion air intake or gas exhaust of propulsion units
Arrangement in connection with fuel supply of combustion engines
Arrangement or mounting of transmissions in vehicles
Arrangement or mounting of change-speed gearing control devices in vehicles
Arrangement or mounting of control devices for vehicle transmissions, or parts thereof, not otherwise provided for
Auxiliary drives
Arrangement or mounting of propulsion-unit control devices in vehicles
Safety devices for propulsion-unit control, specially adapted for, or arranged in, vehicles, e.g. preventing fuel supply or ignition in the event of potentially dangerous conditions
Vehicle fittings, acting on a single sub-unit only, for automatically controlling vehicle speed
Arrangement or adaptations of instruments
Arrangement or mounting of internal-combustion or jet-propulsion units
Arrangement or mounting of plural diverse prime-movers for mutual or common propulsion, e.g. hybrid propulsion systems comprising electrical and internal combustion motors
Disposition of motor in, or adjacent to, traction wheel
Supplying electric power to auxiliary equipment of vehicles
Electric propulsion with power supplied within the vehicle
Electric propulsion for monorail vehicles, suspension vehicles or rack railways
Methods, circuits, or devices for controlling the traction-motor speed of electrically-propelled vehicles
Electric devices on electrically-propelled vehicles for safety purposes
Current-collectors for power supply lines of electrically-propelled vehicles
Electrodynamic brake systems for vehicles in general
Electric propulsion with power supply external to vehicle
Power supply lines, or devices along rails, for electrically-propelled vehicles
Seats specially adapted for vehicles
Arrangements or adaptations of other passenger fittings, not otherwise provided for
Vehicles predominantly for transporting loads and modified to facilitate loading, consolidating the load, or unloading
Vehicles adapted to transport, to carry or to comprise special loads or objects
Securing or covering of load on vehicles
Arrangement of optical signalling or lighting devices, the mounting or supporting thereof or circuits therefor
Arrangement of lighting devices for vehicle interior, the mounting or supporting thereof or circuits therefor
Arrangement or adaptation of acoustic signal devices
Arrangement or adaptation of portable emergency signal devices on vehicles
Optical viewing arrangements
Arrangements for holding or mounting articles, not otherwise provided for
Electric or fluid circuits specially adapted for vehicles and not otherwise provided for
Wheel guards
Arrangements or fittings on vehicles for protecting or preventing injuries to occupants or pedestrians in case of accidents or other traffic risks
Arrangements of steps, e.g. running-boards
Compartments within vehicle body primarily intended or sufficiently spacious for trunks, suit-cases, or the like
Stowing or holding appliances inside of vehicle primarily intended for personal property smaller than suit-cases, e.g. travelling articles, or maps
Supplementary fittings on vehicle exterior for carrying loads, e.g. luggage, sports gear or the like
Cleaning of vehicles
Vehicle cleaning apparatus not integral with vehicles
Servicing, maintaining, repairing, or refitting of vehicles
Ground-engaging vehicle fittings for supporting, lifting, or manoeuvring the vehicle, wholly or in part, e.g. built-in jacks
Arrangements of braking elements
Control or regulation for continuous braking making use of fluid or powdered medium, e.g. for use when descending a long slope
Transmitting braking action from initiating means to ultimate brake actuator without power assistance or drive or where such assistance or drive is irrelevant
Transmitting braking action from initiating means to ultimate brake actuator with power assistance or drive
Construction, arrangement, or operation of valves incorporated in power brake systems and not covered by groups B60T 11/00 or B60T 13/00
Component parts, details, or accessories of brake systems not covered by groups B60T 8/00, B60T 13/00 or B60T 15/00, or presenting other characteristic features
Brake-action initiating means
Air-cushion vehicles


Railway systems; Equipment therefor not otherwise provided for
Locomotives; Motor railcars
Body details or kinds of railway vehicles
Rail vehicle suspensions, e.g. underframes, bogies, arrangements of wheel axles; Rail vehicles for use on tracks of different width; Preventing derailing; Wheels guards; Obstruction removers or the like
Couplings; Draught or buffing appliances
Brakes or other retarding apparatus peculiar to rail vehicles; Arrangements or dis-positions of brakes or other retarding apparatus in rail vehicles
Shifting or shunting of rail vehicles
Other auxiliary equipment for railways
Guiding railway traffic: ensuring the safety of railway traffic


Hand carts having only one axis carrying one or more transport wheels
Sledges with runners
Other sledges
Hand carts having more than one axis carrying transport wheels
Accessories or details specially adapted for hand carts
Carriages for children
Accessories or details specially adapted for children's carriages or perambulators
Vehicles drawn by animals
Steering controls
Steering non-deflectable wheels
Steering specially adapted for trailers
Steering not otherwise provided for
Means on vehicle for adjusting camber, castor, or toe-in
Combined superstructure and frame
Superstructure sub-units
Connections between superstructure sub-units
Superstructures characterised by material thereof
Steering gears
Superstructures for passenger vehicles
Superstructures for load-carrying vehicles
Vehicle bodies characterised by streamlining
Stabilising vehicle bodies without controlling suspension arrangements
Spare wheel stowing, holding, or mounting arrangements
Motor vehicles or trailers predominantly for carrying passengers
Power-assisted or power-driven steering
Motor vehicles characterised by the driver not being seated
Tractor-trailer combinations
Endless-track vehicles
Vehicles characterised by having other propulsion or other ground-engaging means than wheels or endless track, alone or in addition to wheels or endless track
Arrangements for automatically controlling steering depending on driving conditions sensed and responded to, e.g. control circuits
Motor vehicles or trailers, characterised by the arrangement or number of wheels, not otherwise provided for, e.g. four wheels in diamond pattern
Motor vehicles or trailers not otherwise provided for
Designing, manufacturing, e.g. assembling, facilitating disassembly, or structurally modifying motor vehicles or trailers, not otherwise provided for
Steering linkage
Steering deflectable wheels not otherwise provided for
Cycle stands; Supports or holders for parking or storing cycles; Appliances preventing or indicating unauthorised use or theft of cycles; Locks integral with cycles; Devices for learning to ride cycles
Cycle saddles or seats; Accessories peculiar to cycles and not otherwise provided for, e.g. article carriers, cycle protectors
Cycles convertible to, or transformable into, other types of cycles or land vehicles
Collapsible or foldable cycles
Cycles not otherwise provided for
Cycle frames
Steering devices
Rider-operated controls specially adapted for cycles
Axle suspensions
Cycles with more than two main road wheels
Brakes specially adapted for cycles
Rider propulsion of wheeled vehicles or sledges; Powered propulsion of sledges or cycles; Transmissions specially adapted for such vehicles


Hydrodynamic or hydrostatic features of hulls or of hydrofoils
Conduits for emptying or ballasting
Vessels parts, details, or accessories, not otherwise provided for
Arrangements or adaptations of ports, doors, windows, port-holes, or other openings or covers
Equipment for handling lifeboats or the like
Load-accommodating arrangements, e.g. stowing, trimming
Arrangement of ship-based loading or unloading equipment for cargo or passengers
Accommodation for crew or passengers not otherwise provided for
Constructions of hulls
Vessels or like floating structures adapted for special purposes
Equipment to decrease pitch, roll, or like unwanted vessel movements
Improving safety of vessels, e.g. damage control, not otherwise provided for
Hulls characterised by their construction of non-metallic material
Hull protection peculiar to vessels
Collapsible, foldable, inflatable, or like vessels
Methods of designing, building, maintaining, converting, refitting, repairing, or determining properties of, vessels, not otherwise provided for
Launching, hauling-out, or dry-docking of vessels; Life-saving in water; Equipment for dwelling or working under water; Means for salvaging or searching for underwater objects
Offensive or defensive arrangements on vessels; Mine-laying; Mine-sweeping; Submarines; Aircraft carriers
Propulsive elements directly acting on water
Effecting propulsion by jets
Effecting propulsion by muscle power
Outboard propulsion units
Use of propulsion power plant or units on vessels
Transmitting power from propulsion power plant to propulsive elements
Propeller-blade pitch changing
Arrangements on vessels of propulsion elements directly acting on water
Propulsive devices directly acted on by wind
Auxiliaries on vessels


Lighter-than-air aircraft
Propellers, e.g. of ducted type
Control systems or transmitting systems for actuating flying-control surfaces, lift-increasing flaps, air brakes, or spoilers
Influencing air-flow over aircraft surfaces by affecting boundary-layer flow
Influencing air-flow over aircraft surfaces, not otherwise provided for
Alighting gear
Aircraft capable of landing or taking-off vertically
Aircraft intended to be sustained without power plant
Aircraft not otherwise provided for
Adjustable control surfaces or members, e.g. rudders
Dropping, ejecting, releasing, or receiving articles, liquids, or the like, in flight
Passenger or crew accommodation
Arrangements or adaptations of air-treatment apparatus for aircraft crew or passengers, or freight space
De-icing or preventing icing on exterior surfaces of aircraft
Emergency apparatus or devices, not otherwise provided for
Arrangement or mounting of power plant in aircraft
Arrangement in aircraft of power plant parts or auxiliaries not otherwise provided for
Arrangements in connection with fuel supply for power plant
Refuelling during flight
Power installations for auxiliary purposes
Arrangements or adaptations of instruments
Aircraft indicators or protectors not otherwise provided for
Equipment not otherwise provided for
Equipment for handling freight
Ground or aircraft-carrier-deck installations
Cosmonautics; Vehicles or equipment therefor